Don’t forget: profits from sales will go towards supporting foundations.

Renata would like to donate the first 300 hardcopies of the book free to select schools, libraries and children’s foundations. If you are company or organization that could help with this, please complete the contact form and get in touch.
If you would like to get in touch for charity or corporate cooperation, please complete the form as well. Renata is keen to support any foundations, charities, schools, and organizations, but also CSR actions organized by companies.
Additionally, we will advertise your Foundation on this page. Please complete the contact form to get in touch.


Renata hopes that you think it’s a beautiful idea and something which you totally agree with that children should learn from an early age how to behave with dogs and all animals and how to understand them more. That’s why she believes that book ‘Hector, A Dog’s Story’ has tremendous educational value and would make a great addition to your collection. We offer special price for libraries and schools.

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