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Co-operation with charities, schools & CSR opportunities for business

The main passion behind this project was to ‘give what I can to those most in need’, says Renata.

Group 2

Do you work for any charity or library or look for csr co-operation?

Renata, ’s raising’ money for dog & children foundations. If your foundation or charity organization would like her support, Renata encourages you to use her book for raising money. Branded editions can be produced, with only your help needed to cover the production costs. 100% of profits will go to your foundation or charity and additionally we will advertise your foundation on this page. Please complete the contact form to get in touch.


Renata wants to support as many foundations as possible. If you have any suggestions for worthy schools or dog charities, Renata is keen to hear from you. Please complete the contact form to get in touch.

Renata would like to donate hardcopies of the book free to selected schools, libraries and children’s foundations. If you are company or organization that could help with this, please complete the contact form and get in touch.

If you would like to get in touch for charity or corporate cooperation, please complete the form as well. Renata is keen to support any foundations, charities, schools, and organizations, but also CSR actions organized by companies.

Additionally, we will advertise your Brand and Foundation on this page. Please complete the contact form to get in touch.


Renata hopes that you think it’s a beautiful idea and something which you totally agree with that it’s important teaching children empathy & kindness with animals and spark curiosity in reading . That’s why she believes that her books has tremendous educational value and would make a great addition to your collection.

We offer special price for libraries and schools.

We organise workshops in schools


We believe that developing empathy, curiosity for reading and open minded thinking from the youngest age is very important. We partner with Westminster Children’s University and organise workshops for children: 

1) Empathy Building with Animals

2) Diversity of cultures, contemporary problems, and threats

3) Creative writing 

4) Cybersecurity Academy with Hector

Please ask us for details or drop email:

Charity project Hector & Friends for Ukraine

Renata organised the Ukrainian translation of her first book “Hector, A Dog’ Story” (Ukr. Hektor, Sobacha Istoriya) in just 3 months. She then gave the youngest Ukrainian children 1.3 thousand copies free of charge, as a gift for Children’s Day. The books were donated through organizations helping children, including 4Ukraine Association, Rodina Ukrainian School in London, Prague Association See the Heart and Bookmark Reading foundation and many more. Books went to children in care facilities and psychological counselling centers and schools in Poland, Ukraine, England, and France.

The printing of the books was financed by a fundraiser organised by the author and with the support of Polish Bookstore, the Polish School at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Paris with its seat in Lille, and the Women’s Business Link (WBL) organization.

Ukrainian translation of the book was created thanks to  involvement of four translators (Olga Yershova, Yulia Yukhymets, Justyna, Wit, Wiktoria Dovhaliuk) and the Ukrainian editor Olena Bondarenko, who decided to promote the Ukrainian language through the book.

The author would like to hear from other organisations, institutions or companies that would be interested in purchasing the book to pass it on to more children. Her dream is that the book will reach as many Ukrainian children as possible worldwide and bring a smile to their faces.

Please ask for details:

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