Hector, A Dog’s Story (signed hardback)

Signed hardback

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book for children aged 6-13 and all dog lovers, Polish, with the author’s signature and free gifts from a limited collection

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Hector, a Dog’s Story  has been read in more than 16 countries across 5 continents. The book's theme is focused on developing empathy and breaking the taboo of difficult topics such as war, death, discrimination, and attitudes to God in children's literature. This novel is an amazing story of a dog named Hector who, like each of us comes in to the world wishing to find happiness. This is a story about growing up, true love, friendship, searching for a real home, and safety. Both children and young adults will enjoy reading. It is a story for every dog lover out there! Hector, a Dog’s Story also featured in various publications including in Love Reading for Kids, Indian Robin Age, Australian Dog Lover, Your Dog UK Magazine and various others. In summary, the book tells the story of love, friendship and a puppy named Hector seeking happiness against the harsh reality of the Second World War. It’s a wonderful story that proves that hope never dies, and that there is happiness waiting for everyone. Under the auspices of Westminster Children's University in London, author has been running various school workshops on topics such as empathy development, creative writing and multiculturalism. A Ukrainian version of the book (ukr. Hektor, Sobacha Istoriya) was also published as part of the charity project “Hector and Friends for Ukraine” and 1,300 copies were donated, by Renata, to children on Children's Day. While planning and writing her books, author consulted with psychologists and gathered feedback and insights from parents and children - as well as animal lovers of all kinds, to ensure that her books are inspiring, fun and educational. For this book, Renata also collaborated with well-known American editor, Mary Kole.  
Book is recommended for children ages 6–13
Language: English
Format: A5, hardcopy with author’s signature
Book includes colourful illustrations
Pages: 101

19 reviews for Hector, A Dog’s Story (signed hardback)

  1. Souvik, father of 12 year old daughter & dog lover

    Hector, A Dog’s Story is a wonderfully weaved emotional rollercoaster. Renata masterfully makes you alternate between states of sadness and happiness as she takes you through the heart warming tale of a dog whose life is torn between love and loss, hope and despair, in as much the same manner as we undergo the myriad ever-changing emotions in the course of our lives. The book also examines such profound aspects as death, soul, existence, God – apparently, even dogs are riddled by these timeless inquiries. Hector – A Dog’s Story is a rare opportunity to experience and see life from a dog’s perspective. Yes, life is love. Life is fun. It can be unpredictable, may take unexpected turns – but if you see through it, and make peace with the present moment, you will find yourself surrounded by love in the end.

  2. Jorge

    Lovely and interesting story with drawings for kids! On top of that, the whole package is well prepared for gifting including stickers, bookmark…


    A heart-warming story, for all ages, and not just for dog lovers!

  4. Rose, mom of an 8 year old

    A fabulous book for reading with little ones

  5. Krista Mansfield

    I really thought this book was lovely. It was heart warming and I love how the real life lessons of kindness, love and compassion were told through a dogs world. It also has really beautiful illustrations!

  6. Junior, dad of little one

    I have bought the book and it’s a great read! Lots of fun and a good read for my daughter! Great anime in the pictures and a touching story! Would definitely recommend this book if you have children!

  7. Leigh May Rose

    Myself I loved it, writing is beautifully descriptive I was able to picture the big house with it’s high walls and imagine the isolated life of Hectors mother, even the subtext behind her falling for the bad boy mongrel you managed to capture him so perfectly. I love how is given a human take to the life of the dogs giving them a nuance that would normally be associated with a family member. And my son enjoyed the pictures he knew that the dog was sad and that the old lady must have been poorly from the picture.

  8. O. Kingsley, Manchester. UK

    There is nothing not to like about the Book. Bought it for my 8 year old niece and actually ended up reading it too after her! She was totally thrilled, and keep asking me to check if the Author has released a follow-up! Highly recommended, if you plan to get a copy!

  9. Zane, father of a loving 8 year old daughter

    Heart-warming story about a puppy that faces some challenging moments in life. With children in mind, this book is a great way to teach our precious little humans about some of life’s heartache and the Author subtlety covers a variety of topics well. It all works out in the end : )

  10. Shoaib Ali

    5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing, captivating and a fantastic story !
    Purchased as a gift for my niece. We read the book together! Beautifully told by the author. Would recommend this little gem as a great gift !

  11. Nadia, mum & dog lover

    A truly heart-warming story about love and friendship written by the lovely Renata Kaminska. A delight to read with lovely illustrations that brings the characters to life. Grab your copy today!

  12. Lily

    My uncle bought this book for me as a gift! And I love it!!..What I liked most about the book was the joy, fear and excitement. I rate this book 9 out of 10! I cant wait to read more from the Author!…..

  13. Pablo, dog lovers

    I bought the book for my nephew and in the end read it myself. The story feels quite personal, touching. An intriguing view of the world from the perspective of a puppy, whose behavior seems reminiscent of a small child. I want to get a puppy now!!!!

  14. Flora

    I’ve bought the book for my niece and end up reading myself. it’s a great book and beautiful story which could be the real life of any dog. it’s about love, friendship, courage and never giving up on our dreams.
    Definitely a must read for dog lovers!

  15. grandma Sundari Krishna

    I am one of the luckiest person to get this book. Our family loves puppy, the book really describes the innocence of puppies unconditional love . The book has become a night time story book for my granddaughter every day. The pictures attract my granddaughter while I say out the contents. My daughter is thankful to me for recommending this book to her. Special thanks to the Author and others involved in making of this wonderful treasure.

  16. Thomas

    A very interesting journey

  17. Georgia, age 9

    This book was very exciting with sad and happy times. I never knew what would come next. I really liked the ending and was glad for Hector, Mini and Oscar that they could be together. I would recommend this book to any other child who is as dog mad as me!

  18. Amy, dog lover

    I found this book both powerful and beautiful. It raises thought-provoking questions – often quite challenging – that child can ask themselves as they join Hector on his journey. Through a dog’s eyes, they discover that life has both its ups and downs, but through determination and love, everything will be fine.

  19. Monika, dog psychologist

    The story of Hector and his friends shows what is most important in life. What if you could see the world through the eyes of dogs and cats and find out what they need or want? And what if it turns out that the history of Hector shows that we are not so different from each other? The book breaks taboos in children’s literature on difficult topics such as loss, loneliness or illness, showing us that these are the natural elements that make up our lives, at the same time giving faith and showing how important hope, serenity, and seeing beauty and happiness is in difficult moments. This is not only the story of one dog, Hector, but also many other animals. Our imagination is aided by beautiful illustrations that were made with the utmost care. The author confronts us with strong emotions, while at the same time telling and showing how important it is to talk about emotions and feelings. And all this served in an interesting and exciting way.

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