Hektor, Sobacha Istoriya (Ukrainian version of Hector, A Dog’s Story)

Signed paperback

book for children aged 6-13 and all dog lovers, Polish, with the author’s signature

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Book is available in English and Polish.


Hektor, Sobacha Istoriya is a special edition of the book "Hector, A Dog’s Story" as a response to the needs of Ukrainian children who face the crisis of war. The idea of publishing the book in Ukrainian was born out of the heart's need and providing emotional support to the youngest in such a difficult time. It is a story about growing up, love, friendship, looking for a home, safety and a puppy named Hector compared to the grey reality of war. It is a story that proves that hope never dies and that happiness awaits everyone. A book with therapeutic values that will help children to have a different perspective on what seems difficult or traumatic event. Books went to children in care facilities and psychological counselling centres and schools in e.g. Poland, Ukraine, England, and France. A Ukrainian version of the book (ukr. Hektor, Sobacha Istoriya) was published as part of the charity project “Hector and Friends for Ukraine” and 1,300 copies were donated, by author, to children on Children's Day. Book "Hector, A Dog’s Story" has been read in more than 16 countries across 5 continents. The book's theme is focused on developing empathy and breaking the taboo of difficult topics such as war, death, discrimination, and attitudes to God in children's literature. This novel is an amazing story of a dog named Hector who, like each of us comes in to the world wishing to find happiness.  Both children and young adults will enjoy reading. It is a story for every dog lover out there! Hector, a Dog’s Story also featured in various publications including in Love Reading for Kids, Indian Robin Age, Australian Dog Lover, Your Dog UK Magazine and various others. Under the auspices of Westminster Children's University in London, author has been running various school workshops on topics such as empathy development, creative writing and multiculturalism. While planning and writing her books, author consulted with psychologists and gathered feedback and insights from parents and children - as well as animal lovers of all kinds, to ensure that her books are inspiring, fun and educational. For this book, Renata also collaborated with well-known American editor, Mary Kole.  
Book is recommended for children ages 6–13
Language: Ukrainian
Format: A5, paperback with author’s signature
Book includes colourful illustrations
Pages: 104


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