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Book “Hector and the Time Machine" is a fast-paced, adventurous story about the journey of the Hector, the dog. The story of his journey helps to raise awareness of the diversity of cultures around the world, as well as contemporary issues and threats. In the book, Hector arrives at the year 2020 in a time machine and, on his journey around the world, he observes landmark events and phenomena including pandemics, climate change, Brexit, the BML movement, multiculturalism and much more. Just like a child, Hector asks questions and seeks answers to understand the complexity of the modern world. Reading about Hector helps parents to have conversations with their child about difficult topics based on their knowledge, experiences and their own value. The colourful descriptions throughout the book allow you to be transported to the colourful and aromatic India, to enjoy a traditional five o'clock tea or to attend the Golden Globe Awards. A trip to Australia during the Great Fire (a result of human activity) also motivates the reader to track down the causes of climate change and develop habits to save our planet. Hector’s adventures are known to intrigue and delight the hearts and minds of children, eager to return to their shared adventures and plan future ones with the loveable Hector the dog.
Book is recommended for children ages 6–13
Language: English
Format: A5, hardcopy with author’s signature
Book includes colourful illustrations
Pages: 114

19 reviews for Hector and the Time Machine (signed hardback)

  1. Ilona Adamska, editor-in-chief of Women’s Empire

    Funny, brilliant, unusual. Extremely clever and thought-provoking. A book about values, people and the world through the eyes of a dog. Not judgmental. It only prompts the reader to reflect and try to answer the questions: how do we deal with changes, crises or problems that life presents to us. As a great dog lover – I highly recommend it.

  2. Oliwer, age 5

    Nice book. Hector is a great dog. I would also like to ride and get to know new friends.

  3. Anna Bedra, mother of a 5-year-old

    “Hector & the Time Machine” is a wonderful book full of adventures that is told by a dog named Hector. This book is great for everyone, and thanks to the links to the events of 2020, it can deepen the imagination of every child and adult. Nobody will forget 2020, the year of the pandemic, the year of wearing masks, the year of “Black lives matter” etc. This book will always remind you of what happened, besides traveling in different countries, meeting new friends is something unforgettable for the hero, but also for the reader. A very pleasant surprise when the heroes came to Poland during their last trip. I recommend it with all my heart to everyone who loves traveling, who loves animals and who loves people.

  4. Ala, 9 years old

    I liked the book about Hector very much.

  5. Anna Kolm, mother of 9

    Reader, you are holding in your hands a unique book for children to read together with parents. It stands out from the rest
    – A nice character of Hector the dog, who, like children, asks a lot of questions and, like them, accepts answers with openness and without being overly critical,
    – Fast, addictive action, thanks to which the reader even swallows the next pages of the book.
    – An extensive storyline, thanks to which children learn about various countries, their modern realities and current problems.
    It is these problems and the way they are described that provide parents with an ideal starting point for further discussion with their children, while leaving room for their own assessment and interpretation.

  6. Malgorzata Bugaj-Martynowska, Director of Center of Directors and Managing Personnel of Polish schools in Great Britain

    If you want to give your children joy and, additionally, extraordinary, unusual pleasure, and at the same time carefully and carefully care for their development and education, reach for children’s literature by Renata Kaminska.

    It is a real gem among publications addressed to the youngest readers, lined with soul, refined down to the smallest detail. Exactly the kind that brings back the best childhood memories of when you grew up with your favourite books. One that, upon contact with it, remains in the heart and memory forever. Finally, one that will last for generations and have a chance to be included in the classics of children’s literature.

    Kaminska writes in an extraordinary, authentic, gentle, gentle way, carefully selects her vocabulary, subtly pampers the tastes of young readers to instil in them a love for the book, from an early age, when the child is interested not only in the content of illustrations, which Kaminska’s books do not lack and which are tailored almost perfectly to the presented situations, but when she wants to learn the words and enjoy listening to unique stories hidden in the pages of Kaminska’s literature.

    Kaminska writes in a way that awakens children’s imaginations, discovers talents, allows them to reach for dreams, gives space to the carefree and cheerfulness of childhood. The author gives young readers faith in overcoming difficulties that also occur in a child’s life, gives a lesson and shows a number of possibilities. Its teaching is not a classic moral, but one of the ways that a young reader can choose and imagine the stories presented in his own way.

    If you want your child to experience an adventure that will remain a solid learning experience, choose the adventures of the dog Hector, who will turn out to be not only a great friend of your child, but above all, in a sense, a teacher. If you are close to traditional values based on principles, love, closeness, beauty and hope, the author speaks about all this in an intelligent way, writing in an accessible, understandable and subtle language, so that young readers will be satisfied with participating in the journey at the beginning of their journey. Kaminska’s prose provides him. Children fell in love with Hector just like other generations of their book, fairy-tale heroes of the era. I recommend! It is worth it for Hector to come to your homes.

  7. Beata Benewiat, director of the School in Plainfield, NJ

    He is wise, experienced, devoted, loved by people, loves traveling and adventures – who more than the dog Hector could be the closest friend and life guide of a child? Especially one that asks many insightful questions that parents aren’t always able to answer. Hector is a great support in explaining to the child many challenges and problems of today’s world, at his level of understanding. An excellent basis for later discussions with your child about them. We recommend it to parents and children who are keenly interested in current world events.

  8. Magdalena Mentel, editor-in-chief of Magazine Children

    If you want a beautiful and valuable journey around the world, be sure to join Hector! Traveling with this friendly and wise pooch, you will get to know different cultures, taste dishes from different corners of the world, you will also have the opportunity to stop for a moment and think about what problems and threats people on all continents face and how to prevent them, how to help our planet. A wonderful book for both children and adults. It will undoubtedly help you with conversations about what is happening in the world. I recommend it with all my heart!

  9. Urszula, mother, journallist

    Hector returns in style. He becomes a time traveller and… he takes us with him. So if you want to feel the thrill and see where this extraordinary time machine will take it – reach for this book. And travel with the dog and his mistress without moving from the armchair.

    As a dog lover, I approached this book with great hopes. And I was not disappointed. There is room for reflection, adventure, friendship and love. There are travels in time through lands known only from stories and the most important events in the history of mankind. Finally, there is a nice doggy, Hector – who, like a seasoned guide, guides us through time. Immerse yourself in his world and listen to his stories. It’s worth it.

  10. Dorota Mazurek, Editorial Director of the portal for parents

    A fast-paced, adventurous story about the journey of Hector the dog, sensitizing to the diversity of cultures, contemporary problems and threats. A plot, where difficult topics and problems are interwoven with interesting stories, gives the adventure lightness and strongly engages the reader. Colourful descriptions allow you to move to colourful India, full of aromas and flavours, drink the traditional five o’clock tea or finally take part in the Golden Globes handout. Traveling to Australia during the great fire, which took on enormous dimensions due to human activity, leaves a certain insufficiency, motivating the reader to investigate the causes of climate and weather changes and introduce habits that save our planet. Hector will love children’s hearts, who will be happy to come back to common adventures and plan new ones.

  11. Dorota Zdziech, mother

    Would you like to travel in good company? If so I invite you on board. Hector returns in a big way and takes the reader on a journey through time, showing the beauty, diversity and dynamics of the world around us. This journey will not only surprise you, but also make you reflect on your own. Maybe it will even be the beginning of more than one valuable conversation.

  12. Natalia Supel, MSc – child and youth psychologist, educator and social skills trainer

    2020 was a very hard year for many of us, including the youngest. Many parents wonder how to talk to their children about what has happened in the world. The dog Hector comes to the rescue, taking the young reader on a journey around the world to watch what happened in the world up close.

    This book helps parents to engage in discussions on important topics such as pandemic, climate change, Brexit, and multiculturalism while reading together with their child. If, dear parent, you are looking for a book that will help you talk to your child about what is happening in the world, this is the perfect starting position to take care of these often difficult topics for parents in an interesting and accessible way for the child.

  13. Dariusz Dyner – producer, author of television programs

    Dogs and cats have always been in my life. As a child, I had a poodle named Terry. He was an exceptional dog; he was very intelligent and extremely close to our family. While creating the documentary series Dog Psychologist, I learned that the poodle is one of the oldest breeds and that the poodles served in the French police.

    In my adult home there was always an animal, two cats, Kocur and Koszka, and they raised my Whiskey, a Shetland Sheepdog female. Time goes by and now Whiskey has repaid them by bringing up two young kittens, Kuba and Libra. It can be said that Libra is almost in love with Whiskey – his dog’s mother. I read the book “Hector & the Time Machine” with great pleasure, it speaks about what I observe in my home zoo. Friendship and love among animals can be great and they transfer these friendly feelings to us.

  14. prof. Jan Miodek, scientist, humanist, erudite

    I have never had and I do not have any animal, but the animal world has fascinated me since childhood. Coworking trips to the countryside to my grandmother remained in my memory as a time of constant play with dogs and cats and constant observation of the behaviour of cows, horses, chickens, ducks and geese. And now, during a pandemic, my wife and I take a ritual walk to the river almost every day, looking at water birds or chasing dogs, in a broader sense – observing nature is probably the greatest pleasure in this difficult period for everyone. That is why it was with great satisfaction and joy that I immersed myself in the dog’s world of Hector, as well as with admiration for the Author that she entered the world of sensations and experiences of this four-legged friend so beautifully. Reading this book also took me into the world of my school years, when my most favourite books were the animal series by Jan Grabowski, so popular at that time, with such titles as: Finek, Reksio i Pucek, Puc, Bursztyn and guests, Down, cat over cats or Darling zoo. Years later, I read all these books to my son and then to my grandchildren as a bedtime story.

  15. Nicky Wooderson, mum, founder of Blossoming Bumps and Babies

    What a wonderful way for children to learn about other cultures around the world than through the eyes of a gentle unassuming dog. There is so much going on in our world at the moment, with 2021 being no exception. It is easy for us to stay in our own bubbles, and not have any understanding of how the world functions in different cultures. This is where this book comes in, it’s a fantastic way to entertain children, and educate them at the same time about diversity of our wider world. This book is a conversation starter for children and their families on the complexities of the world we live in. Hector is an unassuming, gentle and non-judgmental dog, who accidentally travels the world in a time machine, experiencing different cultures from his unique perspective. He passes on wonderful and powerful messages to our children, the next generation of adults. A great read, and I couldn’t wait to find out where Hector and Susy were going next.

  16. Sarah Wright, Editor Your Dog Magazine

    Hector & the Time Machine. This follow up to Renata Kaminska’s first book, ‘Hector, A Dog’s Story’, sees our canine hero embarking on an incredible journey around the world by means of a time machine. The year is 2020, a difficult year for so many and Hector struggles to make sense of world events as he ventures into the unknown. The book touches on difficult issues as seen through the eyes of a dog, helping parents to raise these topics and discuss them with their children — the overriding message of the book is that respect, tolerance, and love will provide the answers.

  17. Zane Johnson, father of 9 -year-old Chloe

    Another well written, page-turning, book. A charming story about adventures around the world. Touching on important, real-life events in different countries through Hectors eyes. I particularly enjoyed the time travelling aspect and of course, the romantic in me was lured in by a rather interesting but seemingly successful first date. I look forward to reading this book with my daughter.

  18. Nadia Gericke, home ed mum of 8-year-old

    Hector and the Time Machine is a fascinating children’s story with valuable insights, that teaches life lessons in a fun way. The rich language and characters allow it to be easily imagined as a fantastic TV short film.

  19. Stella Wilson, Queen’s Park Primary, Manager of Westminster Children’s University

    Hector’s story is punctuated with the joy and sadness of life, his gentle and questioning nature throughout the narrative helps readers explore his experiences and reflect along with him as they happen.

    Hector’s story is a great tool for the gentle exploration of difficult themes through a third party, as well as being a heart-warming tale. At Westminster Children’s University we have seen first-hand the children’s reactions to the story and the self-reflective comments it has elicited. The children have universally enjoyed and engaged with Hector and his journey. We offer dog mentoring alongside the workshops and find the text to be a complimentary tool in the mentoring process. A great way to explore themes and promote empathy for our amazing furry friend and others.

    We look forward to a long working relationship with the author and even more of Hector’s adventures. Hector’s most recent travels, as described in Hector and the Time Machine, are a whirl-wind visitation of the year 2020, touching on the key events of the year. Hector and his Friends Chang, Bubu, Ben, Tom and Dotti, to name but a few, discuss and explore key events from the year using Hector’s innocent and questioning narrative. The tale encourages further exploration and discussion by offering a native animal’s perspective of pivotal events. With the overriding themes of friendship, respect and relationships underlying the adventure, the book makes a great starting point for cross-curricular work.

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