Hector, A Dog’s Story (signed hardback with free gifts)

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book for children aged 6-13 and all dog lovers, English, with the author’s signature and free gifts from a limited collection


This novel is an amazing story of a dog named Hector who, like each of us comes in to the world wishing to find happiness. This is a story about growing up, true love, friendship, searching for a real home, and safety. Both children and young adults will enjoy reading. It is a story for every dog lover out there!

Book is recommended for children ages 6–13

Language: English

Book includes colourful illustrations

Format: A5, hardcopy with author’s signature & free gifts

Pages: 101

12 reviews for Hector, A Dog’s Story (signed hardback with free gifts)

  1. Souvik Chowdhury

    Hector, A Dog’s Story is a wonderfully weaved emotional rollercoaster. Renata masterfully makes you alternate between states of sadness and happiness as she takes you through the heart warming tale of a dog whose life is torn between love and loss, hope and despair, in as much the same manner as we undergo the myriad ever-changing emotions in the course of our lives. The book also examines such profound aspects as death, soul, existence, God – apparently, even dogs are riddled by these timeless inquiries. Hector – A Dog’s Story is a rare opportunity to experience and see life from a dog’s perspective. Yes, life is love. Life is fun. It can be unpredictable, may take unexpected turns – but if you see through it, and make peace with the present moment, you will find yourself surrounded by love in the end.

  2. Georgia Chappell, age 9

    This book was very exciting with sad and happy times. I never knew what would come next. I really liked the ending and was glad for Hector, Mini and Oscar that they could be together. I would recommend this book to any other child who is as dog mad as me!

  3. Anna Samusionek, actress, mother & dog lover

    I regret my daughter is already too big to read her fairy tales, because I have no doubt that Hector’s story would be our favorite! The world seen through the eyes of a dog is simple, like the world seen through the eyes of a child, feelings and truth count. Many of us could learn love and devotion from our four-legged friends. I have already seen and read many stories about pooches, this one is special because it deals with difficult topics in an accessible and understandable way for a child. Hector’s story draws in, moves, entertains and teaches, stays forever in the hearts of small and large readers, giving hope that love always wins.

  4. Greg & Paula Bednarscy, parents & dog owners

    A touching story of friendship, love and devotion. Every adult and child should read this book to realize that every animal needs our love. Thanks to this book, when I look at my dog I know that we will always love him and never leave him.

  5. Wojtek age 8

    Very nice book about adventures and so much time with the family 🙂 Although the book deals with sad topics, it has a happy ending.

  6. Aneta Marczewska, teacher & motheri

    I like animals, all of them, although I prefer cats, I always appreciate dogs’ wisdom. And now, if I were to choose a pet for my son, it would be a dog. The story of Hector and his friends is read in one breath. I am fascinated by the way this dog is shown, the world of his imagination as if it is so simple and obvious, yet it forces you to reflect. I really like the reference to the war in such a veiled way, God, ordinary and simple good or an attempt to explain why we sometimes encounter bad things. When reading this book, the title of a childhood book came to my mind – “Adventures of Filonka Bezogonka” (as I experienced the dramas of this kitty). Hector’s story reminded me of that story. Thank you to the author for realizing her dream in such a wonderful way. I will definitely read it to my child to reflect on many difficult matters.

  7. Amy Smith, dog lover

    I found this book both powerful and beautiful. It raises thought-provoking questions – often quite challenging – that children can ask themselves as they join Hector on his journey. Through a dog’s eyes, they discover that life has both its ups and downs, but through determination and love, everything will be fine.

  8. Barbara Burczy, mother & dog lover

    This is a beautiful, educational story about a dog named Hector, whose history after the first chapter of the book shows that the dog world is not so different from ours. Twists and turns as the main character finally finds his safe haven, home and people who love him very much. The sentiment for me is the fact that as a child, I had a dog, Hector, with my brother, and reading this book to my eight-year-old daughter, I had a moment to remember him and even talk about him to my little listener. I hope that people after reading the book will look differently at a dog wandering in the street and treat them like a family member 😉

  9. Ola age 8

    I like the book very much, I like Hector and his adventures. He has gone through a lot but in the end he finds happiness and a real home. I wonder what’s going on at Hector’s now?

  10. Mother Eugenia Orlova & daughter Kristina Orlova, age 6

    I read the story together with my daughter. I expected a simple story about the animals and their life. But we were involved in a dramatic and touching flow of events. It was hard to stop reading, as the author gave the fantastic feeling of being a part of the main character’s life and emotions. We both really enjoyed the book and are waiting for continuation.

  11. Mondo CANE Foundation for the Protection of Animal Rights

    “Hector, A Dog’s Story” by Renata Kaminska is a unique proposition.
    This is a book about universal values – love and friendship, but at the same time an excellent lesson in humanitarianism, communicated in a comprehensible language understood by children. This way of instilling in young people a respect for animals, our smaller brothers, is the best of all possible.This is a good start, so that later an adult has respect for his natural environment and Mother Earth. I would definitely recommend.

  12. Monika Sokołowska, dog psychologist

    The story of Hector and his friends shows what is most important in life. What if you could see the world through the eyes of dogs and cats and find out what they need or want? And what if it turns out that the history of Hector shows that we are not so different from each other? The book breaks taboos in children’s literature on difficult topics such as loss, loneliness or illness, showing us that these are the natural elements that make up our lives, at the same time giving faith and showing how important hope, serenity, and seeing beauty and happiness is in difficult moments. This is not only the story of one dog, Hector, but also many other animals. Our imagination is aided by beautiful illustrations that were made with the utmost care. The author confronts us with strong emotions, while at the same time telling and showing how important it is to talk about emotions and feelings. And all this served in an interesting and exciting way.

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