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Renata Kaminska's story

Since she was, 12, Renata dreamed of publishing her own novel to raise money for dog foundations. Her idea for the novel was to explore how the world and our lives would look through the perspective of a dog. Finally, she made her dream come true. Renata published her first book named Hector, A Dog’s Story in 2020 which gather readers in as many as over 16 countries on 5 continents, which emphasizes the universality of the story. She has become one of the top 5 finalists of BOLD Awards III in Crowdfunding project category in Venice. The book and the initiative was supported by 11 organizations, including 7 charity foundations and was featured in e.g. UK’s Dog Magazine, Westminster Children University, Kensington Magazine, Robin Age – India’s magazine for children. The colourful illustrations and cover were designed by a very talented and awarded Indonesian illustrator – Irfan Budi Harjo. 

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During the process of creation, Renata consulted psychologists and gathered feedback and insights from parents and children, as well as animal lovers of all kinds. To finalize the first book, Renata worked with well-known (extremely helpful) editor, Mary Kole

Renata also conducts workshops with children in English and Polish schools as part of dog mentoring. The first book Hector, A Dog’s Story partners with Westminster Children’s University.

Renata believes that dogs, like people, have personalities and feelings and need our love and support. They express their feelings through their eyes, their bark and by wagging their tails. However, what if they could talk? For good reason they are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend”. There are plenty of examples showing the amazing friendship between man and dog. It is interesting to think how the world and our lives look from a dog’s perspective. Is it really black and white? Is their perception so different from ours? Do they face the same problems and difficulties as we do? Can they really suffer and experience the same feelings 

Renata wrote her books to explore these ideas. Dog Hector as a child asks questions and seeks answers to understand the complexity of the world. It helps parents to engage in conversations with their child on difficult topics based on their own system of values and knowledge. Hector, like a child, does not judge, but only asks questions.

In a nutshell, first book Hector, A Dog’s Story is a story about a love, friendship and a puppy named Hector, looking for happiness compared to the grey reality of the Second World War. It is a story that proves that hope never dies and that happiness awaits everyone.

In the second book Hector and the Time Machine, the dog Hector travels to different countries in 2020. Hector in his journey around the world is an observer of important events and phenomena, including the pandemic, climate change, Brexit, multiculturalism, etc.

Hector’s story is a journey into the unknown, full of turmoil and adventures, and an attempt to understand the world around us. It is a story about human values, contemporary problems and multiculturalism that we will face throughout our lives. It is a book that teaches respect, tolerance and love. This is the story of us as humans through the eyes of a dog.

Both children and young adults will enjoy reading. They are stories for ever dog lover out there!

Just as important, part of profits from the sale will go straight to foundations supporting our furry friends and children, so your contributions are going to a great cause.

‘I want to give what I can to those most in need’, says Renata.

If you have any suggestions for co-operation , Renata is keen to hear rom you. Write e-mail to: contact@hectorandfriends.com


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